Steel Installation

At B&B, we offer steel beams installation to customers who want to reinforce their decks and residential floors.

🛠️Benefits of installing steel beams

Steel is a more efficient and affordable material than wood and has better support potential. We install steel beams to help customers to protect their homes against pest infestation, weathering, and rot. Steel beams are an effective barrier against termites.

🛠️Fixing structural problems

Our engineers install steel beams to fix structural problems of various nature. Beams can be used for your remodelling project or for a new construction. Our engineers can fit steel beams in place of load-bearing walls, above the garage door or above the window or doorway opening. Steel beams are also used to support the floor structure, the hot tub on a deck, the roof and one or two floors, or the roof structure only. We use different beam reinforcement techniques, including addition of welded sections and flats. In case there are wooden beams installed, we can add steel sections to reinforce them.

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